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My Specialties

I love to create beautiful yarn, with bright vivid colors. I work with all kinds of fibers  including wool, silk and nylon. I dye fibers for spinning or felting, and commercially spun yarns ready for you to create with. Custom orders are my specialty, when choosing colors the sky is the limit. 

All about me

Vancouver Island Hippy Kid! 

My Inspiration

Rainbows and
Suzy from Woolwench Hanspun Yarns She was my very first encounter with the fiber world, I watch in awe, great how to videos and creativity for days , she is truly amazing and unique and has a gift for making wool into yarn. art yarn aint got nothin on Suzy I have seen this woman spin flowers into yarn! 3 words FAB U LOUS!
Maiysha Somers-Jones From Zebisis Designs, I can't even say her name with out getting a lump in my throat, she taught be all i needed to know about rainbows and silk, she was so helpful and her dye work just blew my mind, I am so so grateful that we became online friends and she shared her work with me, I will keep her fibers forever <3
MARY from Camaj Fiber Arts where would I be without Mary? DYE LESS she bought a pat green triple picker off me for some dye and thats what got me started with my own business I would not be here if it wasn't for Mary's help. Thank you Mary <3 

Bren Boone from Snerb. Her  Work Ethic and creativity, she makes everything look beautiful because she takes her time and cares about everything she creates. She makes me want to work harder and take my time to perfect my arts. I love every single thing you post Bren, you are so serene and calm and gentle. You are so compassionate about the fiber arts and over the last year have made me feel my worth and take more care in prep, and delivery.

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Spun Ware Over the Rainbow

Comox, British Columbia, Canada


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